Interesting Articles about Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares

Record vote-getter

Qualified for the State Attorney General job?

Fighting DWI - Times Union

Fighting DWI - Times Union article 2

Fighting DWI - Times Union article 3

Fighting DWI - Times Union article 4

Fighting DWI - Times Union article 5

Fighting DWI - Times Union article 6

Fights against smears

Supported by the Times Union

Protecting students

Prosecuting assault

CSEA support deserved

Promoting community watch and youth programs

An ambitious new program to clean up the streets- Metroland

Trying to provide gang alternatives

Albany County district attorney launches basketball program to help keep youths away from gangs

Fighting crime with basketball

Fighting the system, preventing crime

Fighting school violence

Fights gun violence - Times Union

Rid neighborhoods of communal weapons - Albany County District Attorney David Soares has a plan

Protecting our seniors against abuse

Cracks down on absentee landlords

Introduces new more efficient system to directly report crime

Supported by local officials and lawyers

Recreates Community Accountability Boards

Local Hero

Supporting community policing


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