Interesting Articles about Councilman Corey Ellis

Ellis Wants the Mayor to Finally Tell the Truth

Ellis Blogging

Ellis keeps pushing subpoena

Council Accepts Ellis Request

Ellis breaks up violence

Casey - NO-SHOW & Landfill full

TU: Ellis Right to Demand Truth

Ellis to Loose His Job Due to Cuts

Standing Up for What YOU Believe In

TU on Mayoral Race - 4 way race

Metroland: Ellis for Mayor

WTEN: Ellis on Ghost Tickets Investigation

Fox 23: Ellis Announces for Mayor

CBS 6: Ellis Announces for Mayor

TU: Ellis Providing New Vision for the City

Capital News 9: Ellis Announces for Mayor

Ellis announces his run for Albany mayor

TU: Providing People Choice is a Problem

Capital News 9: Race for Mayor

TU on Mayor's Race

Race for Mayor

Ellis to run for Mayor

Ellis Must Persist

Investigation Full Speed Ahead

Ellis: Truth Must Come Out

Jennings Criminal Connection

Council Calls for Answers

There is a Fiscally Responsible Mayor in the Region - in Schenectady

Flowers deliver smiles

Getting Down to the bottom of the issue

Taking A Stand

Evidence out 3 months ago - still no action

$3.7 mil lost a year - More than OSC audit must be done

Capital News 9 - Albany council members want parking ticket answers

Fox 23 News - Albany Mayor:

WNYT - Councilmembers want subpoenas in parking scandal

Council Members Call for Full Investigation of Ghost Tickets Abuse

Council Member Calls for Action on Ghost Tickets Abuse

Serve Councilman Ellis's Subpoena

Ellis: leader of police union must testify

Ellis for reasonable regulation

Ellis returns from Washington

Ellis, Konev, Bullock educate seniors about DTV

Ellis Contradicts Mayor Jennings

Councilman Ellis at Obama inauguration

Councilman Ellis blogging at Obama inauguration

Councilman Ellis and Anton Konev at Obama Neighborhood Ball

Ellis introduces powerful NY Congressman - Newsday Article

Ellis introduces powerful NY Congressman - Capital News 9

Konev, Ellis, Arias Miranda witness history

Hold People Accountable

Jennings: A Republican Candidate?

Ellis Introduces David Soares at Obama Victory Party

Councilman Corey Ellis gets down on stage

At pre-election Obama rally - Times Union

At pre-election Obama rally - Capital News 9

About Obama Turnout in African-American Community

Votes down on Albany budget

On Albany City charter reform

Requires Albany City Worker Residence/ On APD misconduct/ Campaigns for Obama

On residency requirement for city workers

On residence requirements for top city officials

Local Metroland Hero

Councilman Corey Ellis on ghost tickets - Metroland

Corey Ellis calls on council to seek answers on ''ghost'' tickets

Common Council weighs launching probe in to who got favors from cops

Fighting Homelessness - Times Union

Dances for a cause - Capital News 9

In Denver, Speach has a personal meaning for Corey Ellis, a delegate, who heads Albany for Obama

Ellis honored to "watch the patriarch of the Kennedy family pass the torch."

In Denver at convention Ellis cites strong emotions

On Obama NY primary result

On vacant building problem - Times Union

On vacant building problem - Daily Gazette

On the Obama campaign before NY Primary

Credited in Times Union Editorial on abandoned buildings

Sponsors resolution to encourage New York state to create a state-funded, statewide public-defender commission

On Albany Citizen Police Review Board - Metroland

Long-standing concerns with the Albany Citizenís Police Review Board

Fighting against the machine to save Albanyís troubled neighborhoods

Ellis tries to make sure that the teenager is not consumed by life on the streets

As Metroland's the best public servant

On police misconduct

On public defender position

Ellis launches grassroots campaign to strengthen the voice of Arbor Hill residents

"Save Our Neighborhood" plan unveiled for Arbor Hill

On street pavings in the City of Albany

As Metroland political heavyweight

Leading the fight for firefighter diversity

On Pine Bush landfill

On Water Fee Increase

On use of window guards

On Obama primary wins - Metroland

On Obama primary wins - Capital News 9

On Soares crime prevention program

On gun violence - Times Union

On gun violence - Capital News 9

On need for more City programs

On 2008 Election - at Albany Law School

Profile - We are the Change

Profile - Social Good and Politics Meet in Denver

Heading to Ohio for Obama


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