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Local Hispanics Comment on Obama's Historic Selection

Profit in Albany More Important than Kids Lives

Albany Council Doing Its Job

Answers Indeed

Crime Rise in Pine Hills

State To City: Landfill Stinks

Barnette Lying Again

Inacuracies in Stories = No investigation needed?

Ghost Tickets ARE Ilegal

Barnette Caves

Chief Caught Lying Again

Burning the Garbage

DWI APD Case Update

Death by the Landfill

Barnette - Like A Student Caught Lying

City Doesn't Care It is Killing Rare Animals

Albany Council to Dig to the Truth

TU to Tuffey - Get Your Story Straight

Closing Schools in the Poorest Neighborhoods

Tonko and Rep. Conyers of Michigan to talk health reform

City Hides Illegal Guns Sales

Hard Solutions to Schenectady Police Problems

Troubled City School Chief Steps Down

DWI Charge for APD Detective

Tuffey Caught in a Lie

Wellington Gone - Future Uncertain

Trim the Dump

Albany Dump Extension Stopped

Violent Robberies in Albany

Albany Smells

Albany Loosing Drug Wars

Albany Community Funding and Jobs Restored

Police Corruption At Its Worse

Corrupt Police Chief and the Union

County Leg Size Too Big

Make Albany Streets More Friendly

Albany Allowed "Ghost" Voters

Police Union Claims No Involvement in "Ghost" Tickets

Albany City Charging for Water Never Used

$10 Mil Wasted

Barnette: Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Saratoga Spa: Asked to Slow Paid Parking Proposal

Public Access Needed

Spa City Violates Its Own Rules

City Sewer Problems

Self Funded Public Access

APD Union President Sells Guns

Better Use than Convention Center

Does Barnette Understand the Position She is Running For?

Albany City Treasurer Barnette Challanged

First Ever Suspension of APD Officer over DWI

Crime in Pine Hills Neighborhood

Lipstick on a Pig (no offense to APD)

Denial Central

New Low in Guilderland Politics

Few elite given no tickets

Communities Organizing Around Necessary Change

Mayor Jennings - Majority of Stimulus Cash To be spend on Convention Center

Crime in Albany

Saratoga Needs to Think Twice Before Hurting Businesses Like City of Albany Did

City Hall Abuse Investigation is a Must

City & State Officials Given Undocumented Perk

Albany Suburbs Cops Cover for A Fellow Cop

Police to be investigated

Convention Center wants to drain more money

Albany Police corruption

Police above law

Father Young: Local savior for many with no other options

Troy Library needs help

Community organizing and innovative city leadership

Duanesburg leadership allowed pollution - article 1

Duanesburg leadership allowed pollution - article 2

Tracey Brooks: Next Senator Must Address Women's Health Issues

Diabetes - An epidemic in Albany

Sheriff Campbell cuts the DWI program - article 1

Sheriff Campbell cuts the DWI program - article 2

$10 Million Well Spent?

Less people supporting same government size

Upcoming hearing: Albany to raise water rates

Fight Crime Invest in Kids - Meredith Wiley, early Obama supporter

Obama team to seek input at local forum

Saratoga Obama movement attracts diversity

Saratoga Obama phone bank

Founder, Elliott Masie, organizer of ObamaSaratoga Project

Diversity in Albany Grows

Bethlehem Town Board Member, Sam Messina, an early Obama supporter, introduces Sports Are For Everyone (SAFE) to Bethlehem

Obama campaign workers who started coaliton for change

No-fine tickets total about 10,000


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